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Realistic Galaxy Z Flip 3 Concept Design Hypes Up Its Arrival


A realistic Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 concept design has appeared online, this time around, in a video format. The design has been published by the Concept Creator, a well-known concept designer.

The video has been published on YouTube, and it has a duration of around 1 minute. This design is based on recently leaked images of the phone, so chances are it’s quite accurate.

This Galaxy Z Flip 3 concept is based on leaks, and it is shown in four color variants

The designer shows us the phone in several different color variants. It’s depicted in black, white, purple, and green color variants here. All of them combine their primary colors with a black camera strip on the back.

Samsung will, allegedly, utilize a two-tone design on the back of the Z Flip 3. We cannot help but think of some previous Google Pixel smartphones when we see this.: The phone sure looks nice, though.

When the device gets unfolded, its hinge is hidden by the device’s body. When unfolded, it’s clearly visible, well, its outer part is. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 will feature two cameras on its back, and they will be vertically aligned.

A side-facing fingerprint scanner is included in this concept design. That’s probably what the real deal will feature, as an under-display camera is reserved for the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

A display camera hole will be included on the main panel

The phone will feature a display camera hole on its main panel, just like its predecessor. That camera will likely be centered, as shown in these concept renders. The phone’s bezels will be quite thin, and the display will be flat.

A secondary, cover display will sit on the phone’s backside. That cover display will be larger than the one included in the original model. It will also be far more useful thanks to that.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 will allegedly arrive alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and S21 FE in August. At least according to the latest report. It was initially rumored to arrive in July, but we’ll see.